About us

Our business intelligence and management offering is based on the multidisciplinary expertise and access/network of private investment “market veterans”, as managers and entrepreneurs with institutional profiles.

Over 50 years of senior experience in SEE between its principals, complemented with long standing industry and regulatory relations.

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Strategy and Process

The key elements of our investment and management process are:

Focus on selective sectors;

Development of the professional quality and reputation of management;

Use of innovation and enablement of technology;

Execution rigor and pricing discipline;

Portfolio administration by results-driven dialogues with management;

Strong local market knowledge, facilitating identification of potential opportunities.


Mackenzie Capital Group belongs to a new generation of asset management and investment advisory teams in Romania, filling the gap between business angels and venture capital providers on one side, and larger buyout funds on the other, aiming to enable (via funding, coaching and active support) entrepreneurs and management teams throughout corporate expansion phase.

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Sorin Panturu

Founder, Managing Partner

Razvan Mosoiu

Founder, Managing Partner

Dan Ghita

Partner, Real Estate Development